The Urge

We had such a fun day today. We drove over to my sister’s to congratulate her on her engagement. Then we were off to the park to hike through the woods, throw rocks in the creek, play frisbee and even enjoy some time on the jungle gym. With time to spare, we decided to take a trip to the mall. Warm freshly made pretzels were our first stop and then off to the book store. He loves literature; his intelligence is one of the many reasons I’m so attracted to him. I only wish there were more hours in a day, but we ended it nicely with dinner and a movie at home cuddling on the couch. I couldn’t ask for more…

I am a hypocrite.

I never pegged myself for one, but there’s a first time for everything. It’s just that – I’m defying what I stand for. I’m only being a traitor to myself.

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Liebster Award

My apologies to those that have been waiting, but it is finally here…

I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award by Londryfairy. Thanks Londryfairy! The rules are to provide 11 facts, answer 11 questions, and provide 11 questions for 11 people you nominate…that’s a lot of 11′s! Which happens to be a favorite number of mine! The main cause of the Liebster Award is to develop a blogging community and help readers find other bloggers. You may read more here: Liebster Award

Here are my facts:

  1. I am turning 30 in two weeks…yikes.
  2. I have a miracle daughter, named Mia. She is my everything.
  3. I am getting married in October to my best friend of 15 years.
  4. I love to sing, and if I didn’t smoke like a chimney I’d probably have more to write about here.
  5. I was brought up in an Irish-Catholic family of six with little TV exposure and a great sense of imagination.
  6. I have had the majority of my cervix removed (Mia = Miracle) and six doctors told me children weren’t an option…no offense but, haha.
  7. I LOVE to draw, sketch, paint, or pretty much try anything that helps me express myself. At some point I’ll post some of my works for fun.
  8. I am a thinker and the worst kind of doer! I have about 6 GREAT business ideas (and I’m not just bragging I swear) that are packed away in my head, I guess for a rainy day.
  9. I am one of those people that could lend an ear anytime, talk for days on end, offer advice or an honest opinion, and never pass judgement… it just depends on what command you enter 🙂
  10. I’ve only been in a plane once, I’m absolutely petrified of heights!
  11. Apparently, I have an immunity to most narcotics (found that out the hard way during more than one surgery).

My answers to Londryfairy’s questions:

What’s your favorite season?     I would have to say Sprummer – the beginning of Spring is too allergenic and the end of summer is too global warmingish.  
How far have you been from home?      I drove to Clear Water, FL for softball training/Spring Break. 
Why do you blog?      I blog to find an outlet for my thoughts, feelings, expressions, and passions.  I blog so that one day my daughter will have the best sense of who her Mom really is.  I need to write.  It’s in my heart and always on my mind.  I blog because I have finally recognized another piece to my puzzle in life, that brings out the best “me.”
What is your favorite animal? Why?      My favorite animal is a humming bird.  I’ve been fascinated with them since I was a child.  They are such agile birds.  I envy their ability to fly and I can relate to the challenge.  One day I will conquer it and with that I will do greater things, see more, experience life to its fullest, and for a brief moment some will catch a glimpse of me… but my legacy will live in my actions.  I don’t ever want to stop doing.
What is your sun sign?      Gemini
How would you sum up your philosophy?      Strive for what makes you great, the ability is contagious.  Live life like every day is your last.  Dance like no one’s watching.  Appreciate all that you have and all that you are… you only get one shot at it.
What’s your favorite quote?     “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”
If you could own any vehicle, what would it be?     1967 Chevy Impala… yup, just like Sam and Dean Winchester!
If you could do one very important thing for someone, who would you choose? What would you do?      I would choose my fiancé’s best friend and his wife.  They are not able to have children and they’ve invested almost 100K of their own savings trying to do so and find out why they can’t.  They continue to raise money for infertility research and I feel that they deserve the opportunity to be parents.  It’s hard not to appreciate the value of something when it seems so far out of your reach.
What did you want to be when you grew up?      I know this sounds cliche, but I really wanted to be a writer.  If not that, then a singer!
What is at the top of your bucket list?      Finish a book.  I don’t care which one (I have 4 in the works.)

Nominated people:

1. Black Coffee and Cigarettes

2. Anna Shinoda

3. Blood on Borrowed Wings

4. Grasshopper Soup

5. Koko Jaeger

6. Sam the Turtle

7. A Life in Transit

8. A Pen Full of Vinegar

9. Opinionate

I am two short and if there is anyone that would like a chance to be nominated please send me your link!

My 11 questions:

Why do you write?
If you had a moment with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be? What one question would you ask them?
If you knew you could succeed at anything, what would you do and why?
Who is your greatest role model?
Have you had your Ah-hah moment? If so, what was it?
What was your 2014 resolution? Are you still going to keep it?
What is one of the greatest achievements in your life?
What is one of the greatest losses you’ve ever experienced?
If you could be a super-hero who would you be most like?
What is one of your biggest pet peeves?
What is the next topic you plan to write about?

Thanks again, Londryfairy!

Joanmarie (BookWhacked)

The peril of the press release

“Churnalism” the lazy man’s insight: to trust or not to trust what we read?


In a famous piece of media analysis, the average length of a soundbite in a US presidential election was found to have collapsed from 43 seconds in 1968 to just nine by 1988. Although the discovery led to plenty of head-scratching and fears about the “dumbing down” of political discourse, in the end it changed very little.

After the first day of the Circling the Square conference, it would be easy to conclude that the communication of science by the media is heading in the same direction.

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The 10 Things I (Used To) Hate About Parenting

ATTENTION ALL PARENTS: Looking for a great afternoon laugh?!

Sons, When Micah was born back in 2008, I was ready for life to change drastically. It did, but not in the way I had been preparing for. We became pregnant like 20 seconds after getting home from the hospital (Pro tip: Don’t do that), and within 11 months of becoming first-time parents, we were second-time parents. It was a complete blur. It wasn’t until 5 months after Jett was born that I had a chance to sit down and organize my thoughts on this whole parenting thing, and as it turned out, there was some stuff I really didn’t enjoy. I wrote it out as a cathartic attempt at comic relief, and forgot all about it. I ran across it this week, and now that Fisher’s here, and I’ve had a few years to calm down, I’d like to make some adjustments to the original list. You three need…

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An Open Letter to Mother Maya

You must give yourself credit for reasons which you praise her. You too have a beautiful ability to motivate and a skill that yearns for your defenses to fall and your true courage to shine… Take all that she was, all that you learned and truly become your own greatness!

Black Millennials

Dear Dr. Angelou,

Today you rest in paradise, and my feelings, dare I say it, are extremely selfish. I know you are at ease, enlightening the afterlife with your instrumental peace and glory … but I want you here… with me.

I do not recall the day I fell in love with you. Maybe it was in middle school, when I gazed at your lyrics in seventh grade English, unable to decipher the insight, but willing to feel the emotion with curious intensity. Or maybe it was in high school, when I began to explore literature and dissect the roots of Black culture and feminism. Perhaps I fell in love with you in college, when I was mature enough to grasp not only your lyrics, but the contexts which encapsulated them.

Yes, it was definitely in college! Your potent words gave me solace as I experienced subtle racism by the hands of classmates…

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And just like that, my 1 3/4 year old puts me in my place.  I continue to parent and she shuts me out, repeats it incessantly as if I didn’t hear her the first 6 times. As any good parent would I put up the gate (since her room came with no door) and quietly walked away.  A few minutes later she called for me, “Mommy…Joan!” I couldn’t help but laugh, as any good parent would.  She was standing at the gate with tears in her eyes, she calmly said “Sorry, Mommy. Yuv yew much,” and she pulled my face to hers and kissed me on my forehead.  It was a proud moment, seeing as though a moment before that I found her packed away in a cabinet, hiding from her dreadful diaper change!


My Introduction

Life doesn’t choreograph our destiny from birth. Instead, we are left to map out our lives as we see fit using our morals, life lessons and gut instincts to guide us. And although this may be common knowledge to most, there is a duty as parents, elders, siblings, friends, or just humans to hand these pearls of wisdom and our best selves to our younger generations.

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